War College

The War College of Caid is the instructional arm of the Praetorium. The War College arranges for instructors and classes in a variety of subjects concerning medieval and SCA warfare, typically taught at the twice yearly sessions of the Collegium Caidis. 

The primary mission of the War College is to improve the quality and spirit of the Caidan Army, both in terms of war fighting and in honor, by teaching fighters, and teaching fighters to teach others. Classes cover such subjects as individual skills for the war fighter, organizing and training units, leadership and tactics (period and SCA). 

The War College relies on the skill and generosity of volunteer instructors. The great repository of war fighting skills lies in the collective and individual experience of our warriors. We are constantly searching for those willing to share their knowledge, and we are here to assist them in finding a place for them do so. Anyone interested should contact the Dean of the War College for more information.